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Welcome at Arpa-Info cooperative society

Allgemeine Publikationssponsoren

Cruse GmbH
Arpa-Info is a cooperative society with the goal to online republish books and documents which are old and haardly available in the best possible quality. The viewing and search possibilities should correspond technically to the best state-of-the-art to be sufficient also for scientificness. The content should serve to an indepenant building of the opinion.

The Library of Alexandria should serve as model. Independant and without limits of themes we publish documents in all latin languages.

Scope of projects
Litterature, scientific documents, newspapers, magazines, image galleries of artists of all areas with a scientific value.

Project realization
Persons as well as institutions can participate in projects or part of them as well as support it with their work.

Partnerships with persons, universities, foundations, publishers are welcome. You can also present your project-specific or global projects.

We are looking for editors with language and specific themes.

Arpa-Info is trying to get part of the money for handling the documents out of using the database as well as with sponsoring.

Arpa-Info will not allow marketing and advirtisements that have no relation to products nor are in correlation with the goals of the cooperative society's ideas.

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